Welcome To My Candle Business

My name is Lauren, and I am a 22 year old college student studying social work and work 24/7 and started this business of mine a year ago. Within the past year, I have learned a lot through research and through trial and errors. I quickly learned the seriousness of running your own business and the responsibility that follows. I learned the importance of customer satisfaction and listened/adhered to feedback.

With that being said, I decided to give this another go around. I've spent the months of January and February taking a ginormous risk and re-constructing practically my entire company. I went with new vessels for the candles, new logo and labels, new wooden wicks, and brought back the original scents. I took the risk of having to register the business with the state as a corporation instead of an llc like last time (means a whole lot of paperwork)

This is my baby. I am proud of what I created and extremely excited to share this with everyone.


I just want to take a second to thank the people that have supported me in the past few months and pushed me to do better.
I would like to first and foremost thank Jim Graziano (TrustLedger Accounting founder) , this would not be possible without you. Thank you for all your expertise and helping to make sure I fill out all the forms correctly for a second time, I know I am not your easiest client so thank you. 

   Following, I would like to thank Elif for being my sound board and for motivating me when I had little to no motivation (telling me to get off my ass.. can I cuss on here?) Thank you for hearing all my insane ideas that I have had for this company and for responding to all my either 2am or 6am texts. Thank you for seeing this through with me and for all the ideas you came up with to help make this happen. 

Next, I would like to thank my parents/family for the constant support and reassurance that it will work out. Thank you for all the business advice and understanding my drive for this little business of mine. 

Justine, Laura, Caitie & Audrey, thank you for allowing me to sell the candles in the store, for helping me get my name out there and any advice/resources you've given me. I am going to miss Athleta but will take everything I've learned with me.

Caitie & Audrey, you know how much I appreciate you both and for being like my rock. Thank you for helping me find my confidence again and for all the candle ideas that I will never do.. or maybe just for you two.

Kennard, thank you for the tough love phone calls and having faith in me. James, thank you for always offering to help and giving me so many suggestions. 
Hannah, my social work friends, coworkers (past n present), Logan, Cam n Connor & my therapist, thank you. the list goes on further

Thank you to anyone (friends, relatives, etc) that has ever supported this business in any way shape or form.  

Now I'm gonna go get myself a bottle of wine 

- Lauren